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Feature Acts

More than just an MC!
As well as linking the key elements of the event, in a personable yet energetic way, Michael can also deliver any amount of featured entertainment often removing the need to hire another performer.

Initially trained as an actor, Michael is quick to don a costume and create controlled chaos as any character you want. Again, these can be new ‘routines’ developed especially for your event.

Just some of the ideas he has delivered recently are…
An hilarious spot where 3 of the guests are ‘randomly’ selected to participate in a beat the buzzer quiz regarding the nature of the event. The emphasis is on fun – not knowledge – and even the runners-up feel like winners.
A whiteboard, some guest's names, and an amazing ability to find anagrams in almost anything. Sure to bring out the true meaning of the subject: or should that be the mega nut therein.
A Theatresports player for decades, Michael selects a member of the audience to join him in a totally adlibbed ‘scene’ where the guest is the star.

Click on the link below to see a short video of an
Improvised Double Act

With some background on your guests, Michael can elevate them to heroes as he reveals their achievements – or innocent shortcomings. Perfect for Xmas Events, where Santa delivers gifts to the ‘one most likely to recede’, or ‘the one who thinks they’re the one!’.
Trivia Nights have a timeless appeal, and can be a hassle to organise. Not so with Michael. He’ll bring everything from pens to prizes, and write questions pertinent to your event. Sit back and watch the competitive streaks appear as the night goes on.
Capitalise on the latest television hit and make it your own. After being entertained by 6 stunning Ballroom dancers, and getting guests to make their own Carnivale masks, Michael turned the night upside down as he conducted a mini Dancing With The Stars.

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