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Presenting Matters

Keynote Speaker
Do your people have to present in front of a group ? Are they nervous? Hesitant? Uncertain? After 30 years of being the loudest voice in the room, Michael has distilled the lessons learnt in presenting before a crowd and has packaged these into a keynote presentation called: Presenting Matters.  

Covering such topics as;
Focus and Fear
Status and Story
Keeping the Audience Engaged ...and much more

Michael has also teamed up with others to present a fullday seminar where they cover Speaking in Public - Dressing To Impress - On-Camera Presentation as well as constructing your script. Joined by a voice coach and stylist, this one day intensive, intimate event is available for an exclusive in-house corporate training day.

To register your interest in this, and to receive more details - click the link below.

Michael can guide and enthuse anyone to be more confident when presenting. Whether its to a crowd of 10 or 10,000, there are common tips and pitfalls to avoid, that will leave your group fighting to be the next on mic.

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