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An Audience with the Pope

After 30 years in the entertainment industry, Michael Pope has had the privilege of working with many of Australia's most familiar faces.

He now revisits those relationships, and spends 20 minutes or so in continuous conversation as a free audio podcast.

The topics cover everything from 'At age 15'  to 'The cost of fame',  and many more in between.

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Marty FGields Max Gillies  
John Bell Andy Lee Frank Woodley
Tim Ferguson Josh Thomas CarolineO'Connor
Greig Pickhaver Marcia Hines 1 Marica Hines2
Denise Drysdale1 Denise Drysdale 2 Sigrid Thornton
Masrk Mitchell Derryn Hinch Frank Holden
Kate Ceberano 1 Kate 2 Gerry Connolly
RobMills EddiePerfect Glenn Robbins
Mark Trevorrow Garry Lyon Peter Helliar
Francis Tina Arena GrantDenyer
PeteSmith Pete Smith 2 John Blackman
Shane Crawford Shane Crawford Rove McManus
Ray Martin Ray Martin Billy Brownless
Mike Munro Mike Munro Kat Stewart
Charli Robinson Charlie Pickering Dave Hughes
CatrionaRowntree Julia Morris Sam Newman
Andrew O'Keefe Shaun Micallef Amanda Keller
Denise Scott Dave O'Neil Shane Jacobson
Todd McKenney Shane Bourne Ryan Moloney
DanielMacPherson Larry Emdur Tony Barber
Cosentino JimKeays Lawrence Mooney
Stefan Dennis Charlotte Dawson
Steve Vizard Lynne McGranger James Morrison
Peter Hitchener Alan Fletcher Eddie McGuire

Darren PercivalJames BrayshawSteve Vizard 2