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Please view the sample videos below of Michael in action by clicking on the thumbnails.

Video 1
Who is Michael Pope?

Take a 3 and a half minute journey
over just some of Michael's recent engagements.
Video 2 Just a sound check

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is given the audio once over - with a little help from some friends...
Video 3 Get in my head

The best kind of audience is one that thinks with the one mind... but this is spooky!
Video 4 Are you thinking what I'm thinking

The Melbourne Comedy Festival was the perfect opportunity to get in sync with the crowd...
Video 5 It Takes Two

Make your guests the stars as Michael involves them in an improvised double act...
Video 6

An Awards Night with a Difference

An otherwise 'predictable' corporate Awards Night takes on a sense of spontaneity as Michael links the event in his way... 

Video 7

The Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala is a great night to get involved: as Senator Natasha Stott Despoja found out ....

Video 8 A Corporate Event

Looking for a way to pep up your event? Michael and his team can produce the event from start to finish .....
Video 9 Staff Training

After years of experience in on-camera presenting, Michael may be your next spokesman.... 

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