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Michael's services include;

Master of Ceremonies
Whether it is a glittering black tie affair, an award night for the company’s finest, a product launch or a trivia night for the sports club...Michael has done it all.
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From the meet and greet of delegates at the airport, to top and tailing speakers throughout the conference, to finally MC-ing the gala dinner, Michael Pope can deliver as a Conference Facilitator or an Event Organiser.
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Keynote Speaker
Do your people have to present in front of a group ? Are they nervous? Hesitant? Uncertain? After nearly 30 years of being the loudest voice in the room, Michael has distilled the lessons learnt in presenting before a crowd and has packaged these into a flexible presentation called: Presenting Matters.  
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Television - Off Air
Michael’s Television experience is broad and compelling, from acting and presenting early on in his career he then became one of Australia’s greatest warm-up comedians, until eventually moving on to become a Producer.
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Television - On Air
Michael’s Television career started from an early age. His talents as an actor soon elevated him to the role of a presenter. If you need an on-air presence then Michael is the man for the job.
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Voice Overs
Trained as an actor, Michael is well skilled and experienced at communicating an idea through voice. Having presented many radio and television commercials over the years, as well as video narration, he may well have the voice you’re looking for, for that next project.

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