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On Camera Presenter

Michael’s first work as a Presenter was on Here’s Humphrey in 1984.  That started a career that has seen him host or regularly present over a dozen national television programs; from the children’s classic format Blockbusters through to the adult fun of In Melbourne Tonight.

Throughout these times, Michael has put to work his skills of clear and energetic communication as a corporate video presenter.

From vox pops from the general public, to one-on-one interviews with the CEO, Michael has the ability to talk to anyone, and get everyone to talk.

Some programs Michael has hosted;
dot SellOut dotTotal Recall
Battle of the Sexes
Here's Humphrey
Guess Again
The Trivial Video Show
Comedians in Concert

Originally trained in the drama course at Flinders University, Michael began his professional career as an actor. Appearing in numerous plays and television productions, Michael has maintained his ability to transform and often incorporates this into his work in the corporate world.

Whether it’s as an ice breaker at a conference as a visiting dignitary,  or a tradesman who has ‘accidentally’ arrived in the wrong room, Michael will soon have your people hooked.

Even when presenting as himself, Michael’s acting ability to listen and engage informs his work. As a Theatresports practitioner and teacher for many years, improvisation is Michael’s first love.

Taking an audience on a journey to, well, no-one quite knows where – is a thrill to do and a joy to behold. It guarantees that everyone present feels included and fortunate to be part of an unrepeatable moment.

It will have your guests talking about the event long after its conclusion.

Click on the link below to see an improvised moment, where the guest is the star.
It Takes Two

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